MTX/MRX/XMV/PGM1 Firmware V3.31 released - Support for Audinate Dante Domain Manager™

The "MTX/MRX series" of signal processors which allow the flexible and simple construction of sound systems demanding complex system control and large-scale input/output, the "XMV series" of power amplifiers, and the "PGM1" Paging Station Microphone have been updated to V3.31, now supporting Audinate Corporation's "Dante Domain Manager".

Dante Domain Manager is network administration software that provides user authentication and role-based security settings on a Dante network. Dante Domain Manager lets you construct a sound system based on Dante infrastructure that's even safer and more scalable than before.

Audinate CEO Lee Ellison comments:

Yamaha has always been at the forefront of innovation and responsiveness, and their announcement to upgrade products in support Dante Domain Manager is no exception. We are pleased to see that Yamaha customers can now benefit from the enhancements in flexibility, scalability, and security for their AV systems that Dante Domain Manager provides.

Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of the Yamaha PA division comments:

Yamaha's Dante-enabled "MTX/MRX series" signal processors, "XMV series" power amps, and "PGM1" paging microphones are the ideal solution for installed sound systems of any scale. The functionality of Dante Domain Manager improves security, expandability, and manageability of your system, including the "CL/QL series" digital mixers.