Elektronische Unterhaltungsinstrumente


Das Sonogenic SH-500 ist ein Keytar ("Key"board + Guit"ar") von Yamaha. Es ist perfekt für Musikliebhaber, die einfach nur Musik machen wollen.

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The SHS-300 Keytar (“Key” board + Gui “tar”) features a sleek, compact design that gives you immediate access to the exhilaration of playing music, even if you've never played an instrument before. Use the free dedicated "Chord Tracker" app together with the JAM function and the sounds that match the chord progressions on your smart device will be automatically assigned to the SHS-300's keyboard, allowing you to play along with your favorite songs as if you're part of the band.

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Die perfekte All in One Lösung. Entworfen für die Belange eines Schlagzeugers.