Yamaha Expands Its Premium Hi-Fi Family of Audio Components with New A-S Series Integrated Amplifiers, NS-3000 Speakers

Yamaha is reinforcing its commitment to serious music lovers and high-end audio reproduction with the introduction of a reengineered series of integrated amplifiers and premium bookshelf speakers. The new models — A-S1200, A-S2200 and A-S3200 integrated amplifiers and NS-3000 speakers — join the recently introduced 5000 Series of speakers, amps, pre-amps and turntable, offering audiophiles and music enthusiasts a complete family of premium Hi-Fi audio components.

Yamaha coined the term “Hi-Fi” 66 years ago with the release of its Hi-Fi Player and subsequent 1000 and 2000 series, which are still highly regarded by audio enthusiasts. The 5000 series, over eight years in the making, was built on the success and performance of those legendary products, surpassing them with new patented features and construction. The same attention to design and detail as well as engineering philosophies can now be found in new A-S Series of integrated amplifiers and NS-3000 speakers.

As with all Yamaha audio technologies, the new models draw on the company’s expertise as the world’s largest maker of musical instruments and audio gear to deliver the most accurate and dynamic expression of “True Sound.” This Yamaha concept is based on reproducing the sound of musical instruments in the most natural and lifelike way, whether it’s in the studio or on stage.

A-S Series of Integrated Amplifiers

Each new integrated amplifier shares several key features with the 5000 Series, including toroidal transformers with drawn-out wiring to reduce energy loss, mechanical grounding to reduce unwanted vibrations and thick wires for ground connection for lower impedance. Every piece in the A-S Series exudes beauty as well as craftsmanship, mimicking the meticulous attention to detail of the inside with a stunning aesthetic design for the listener. Each model is available in black or silver, with polished piano black sides, featuring vintage-styled level meters and iconic knobs on the front panel for a stylish, elegant statement.

The A-S1200 adds silver-plated metal feet, a range of inputs (RCA x 4, MAIN x 1, Phono (MM/MC) x 1) and outputs (Rec Out, Pre-Out, Remote I/O) with a weight of 22.0 kg and measuring 435 × 157 × 463 mm (W x H x D).

The A-S2200 has a fully balanced circuit with floating amplifier design, silver-plated brass feet, a fully discrete headphone amplifier, inputs (XLR x 1, RCA x 4, MAIN x 1, Phono (MM/MC) x 1) and outputs (Rec Out, Pre-Out, Remote I/O) with a weight of 22.7 kg and measuring 435 × 157 × 463 mm (W x H x D).

The A-S3200 also has a fully balanced circuit with floating amplifier design to minimize ground noise, a fully discrete headphone amplifier and custom feet from the 5000 Series. It features high quality polyphenylene sulfide film capacitors, brass screws and gilding oxygen free copper terminals for block capacitor, larger level meters, inputs (XLR x 2, RCA x 4, MAIN x 1, phono (MM/MC) x 1) and outputs (Rec Out, Pre Out, Remote I/O) with a weight of 24.7 kg and measuring 435 × 180 × 464 mm (W x H x D).

Both the A-S2200 and A-S3200 incorporate the 5000 Series’ use of PC-Triple C, pure copper continuous crystal construction, internal speaker wires and found 22,000uF/63V block capacitors.

NS-3000 Speakers and SPS-3000 Stands

Inheriting design philosophies from the now iconic NS-5000, the NS-3000 reflects the unyielding pursuit of Yamaha for perfect musicality from a flagship speaker – now in a smaller bookshelf form. This breakthrough in high-fidelity speakers fuses nearly a decade of development with over a century of unparalleled musical heritage to convey the finest nuances in musical expression. This is conveyed by the NS-3000 through ZYLON™ drivers, a new 16cm. woofer paired with NS-5000 tweeter, a R.S. (Resonance Suppression) chamber to suppress unwanted resonance, a new acoustic absorber, solid brass speaker terminals, and a crossover circuit using the highest-quality components, including the MCap® SUPREME EVO audio capacitor made by Mundorf of Germany.

Perfectly complementing the NS-3000 are the included SPS-3000 speaker stands. Engineered as the perfect base for the NS-3000 speakers, these MDF and rubber wood stands feature a thick, 6 mm. metal plate on top, providing the ideal surface for the speakers and optimal performance. The vibration-isolating feet of the SPS-3000 safeguard against any negative impact of vibrations, thus maintaining the accuracy of the audio.