Artist Comments

Jean-Marc Luisada

“I love the tonal space with this piano, and I find it technically perfect. It's very rich and so sensitive; everything I need when I want to have an adventure with a piano! And what a fantastic sound… unbelievable!”

Cyprien Katsaris

“It is a wonderful piano with a very long sustain and rich powerful bass. I love this piano! I don't know why, but it feels so expressive and responsive.”

Alexander Kobrin

“I'm completely satisfied with it. Great colors, plenty of power, very easy to control, it has everything… The entire piano rings. It inspires me a lot. I would use it for any performance, whether recital or concerto. It can do all”

Frederic Chiu

“I like this piano a lot. I like the sound and it's very responsive, with a wide range from pianissimo to fortissimo. It has a great bass sound, colorful and rich, and feels solid to play. It's a great piano and a significant step forward for Yamaha.”

Olga Kern

“Wow, it's so gorgeous! And it's really comfortable to play with amazing sound control and the bass sounds great! Everything responds well, and the dynamic range is astounding. The pianissimo really sings”

Abbey Simon

“The ideal piano should have a brassy bass, beautiful mid range, and shimmering highs—and finally there is a piano which has all these qualities. It is sensitive to play but is also capable of a brilliant sound.”

Maria João Pires

“It is capable of both profound bass, powerful fortissimo, but also delicate lyrical passages. Being able to control a subtle touch is important and with this piano I can create beautiful colors, but it also has exceptional power.”

Byron Janis

“The moment I began playing it,” he said, “I could tell that the Yamaha CFX piano had a resonance, purity of tone and an ideal action, unique among pianos. The CFX allows me to play with the utmost artistic expression, nuance and control. It is simply a superb instrument.”

Makoto Ozone

“The CFX is a monster. It really is! I had such great rapport with that baby. And it produced such deep sound that it made some of the orchestra members actually come up and take a look inside the piano…”

Ayako Uehara

“This piano has a beautiful sound. It can be very expressive but also has depth and power. I really look forward to performing on it.”
Photo: Koichi Miura

Kazune Shimizu

“I have worked with Yamaha for many years, and I helped launch the CFIIIS. But Yamaha has never made such a huge leap forward. This is a really great piano!”

Hiromi Uehara

“love this piano! From the first touch I knew it is a wonderful instrument. I feel honored to play such an amazing instrument! I don’t want to stop playing it…”

Denis Matsuev

“The CFX is an extraordinary instrument, very responsive and at the same time powerful. It opens new sound perspectives for pianists, and I think Yamaha pianos have a bright future.”

Yuko Mifune

“I congratulate you with the great success of the new CFX!”