Can Şengün


Can Şengün

Can Şengün started to play the guitar at the age of 9 in Manhattan. It was a wonderful beginning for his music life after heir parents discovered his talents in music. His first stage appearance took place in Ankara when he was 14 and he won his first award with this performance. This led him to discover his talent and he decided to carry on with the music career.

In the following years he formed various bands and performed 200 times nationwide. In 1993 he also started to work on the education part for the music industry and gave lectures 300 students. At the end of 1993, he acquired the license from Ministry of Education and his music school carried on with 400 students.

In 1994, Can moved to Istanbul and worked with the best-known producers. Can started to take role in recording sessions and live performances of most popular artists in Turkey. He as well composed jingles for tv, ads and shows.

In 1996, Can signed with Istanbul Plak while he is recording for the most popular artists in Turkey. He also performed for charities and aid events in Turkey and Europe. He worked with; Tarkan, Mirkelam, Mazhar Alanson, Sertab Erener, Kenan Doğulu, Mustafa Sandal, Ajda Pekkan, Seden Gürel, Nazan Öncel, Özlem Tekin and he was recorded his unique guitar playing in more than 250 albums.

In 1999, he co-founded Panik Atak with Aykut Gürel, Ozan Doğulu and Murat Yeter.

In 2001 he became the first Turkish musician who endorsed by the world’s largest music instrument manufacturer Yamaha.

Can Şengün currently tours with the Turkish megastar Tarkan and works on the music production projects with some of the best bands and artists in Turkey.

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Dieses Mike-Stern-Modell der obersten Klasse kombiniert traditionelle Konstruktion und ebensolchen Stil mit dem klanglichen Feuer und der Vielseitigkeit, die von den führenden Jazz-/Fusion-Vertretern erwartet wird.


Was für eine Gitarre! Als jüngstes Mitglied der APX-Familie erzeugt die APX900 einen druckvollen, klaren Klang mit langem, brillantem Sustain. Dank ihres 3-Wege-Tonabnehmer-Systems (System57) kommt ihr Klang auch im Studio oder auf der Bühne bestens zu Geltung. Boden und Zaren sind aus Riegelahorn, die Decke aus massiver Fichte gefertigt.

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