Findan Cote

One night in 2008, Findan Cote sat across from his father in Berlin’s stylish Sage restaurant before a gig across the street in Lido. Over a steak and a red wine, his father popped a question familiar to all young musicians; “Let’s just suppose just for an itsy-bitsy moment that you are not going to be able to earn a living as a performing artist. What is your plan B?” Findan’s answer was simple and uncompromising. “I don’t have a plan B. For the first time in my life I am not going to have a plan B. I am just going to make this work no matter what.” His dad no longer asks him that question, because deep down, it is exactly what a every father wants to hear.

Born in London and possessing a passport from both America and Germany, Findan today is a regular on the summer festival circuit and on club tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He started drum lessons early, but was also trained as an audio technician after finishing high school. He played percussion with a variety of Berlin-based bands at the start of his career, and his teen band B:ill was awarded NAME OF PRIZE at the Emerganza band competition at Berlin’s Columbia Halle in 2005. He now records and tours with Milliarden (Universal), Tamas (Auf!Keinen!Fall!), Die Säcke (unsigned).

Findan completed studies at Dirk Erchinger’s Drumtrainer school in 2016, and represents a new style drummer, slipping easily between genres while maintaining a unique energy on the stage, in the studio, and on tour. Says Ben Hartmann, front man from Milliarden and close friend; “Fin is not just in the band. He is the star of the band.”