Manu Katché Signature Junior Kit

Manu Katché Signature Junior Kit
Shell Birch 6ply 7.2mm
Hoop TT / FT / BD / SD 1.5mm Triple Flange Hoop (Steel)
BD Hoop 1.5mm Triple Flange Hoop (Steel)
Lug TT / FT / BD: Separate Lug, SD: One-piece Lug
Bearing Edge 45 degrees / R1
Head Top SD: Yamaha Coated, TT / FT: Yamaha Clear
Bottom SD: Yamaha Snare side, TT / FT: Yamaha Clear
Front Yamaha Ebony with ring mute
Batter Yamaha Clear with ring mute
Tom Mount Direct Mount


  • Junior Kit

  • Bass Drum16" x 15"
  • Floor Tom13" x 12"
  • Tom Tom12" x 7"
  • Tom Tom10" x 7"
  • Snare Drum12" x 5"
  • Tom HolderTH940B
  • Hard Ware Set (HWJK)FP6110A, HS650S, CS651x2, SS662S