HD-300 Harmony Director

Color Black
Dimensions Width 940 mm (37")
Depth 317 mm (12-1/2")
Height 106 mm (4-3/16")
Weight 4.0 kg (8 lbs. 13 oz) (without batteries)
Control Interface Keyboard 61 keys C scale (with touch response)
Panel Controls Buttons (with tactile feedback), sliders, dial
Display LCD (with contrast adjustment)
Voices Tone Generator FM Tone Generator, AWM Tone Generator
Number of Polyphony (Max.) FM: 8 notes, AWM: 48 notes
Number of Voices FM: 9 Voices (WOOD, BRASS, ORGAN categories), AWM: 70 Voices (PIANO/OTHERS category, Metronome)
Hold Yes
Functions Transposition Transpose: 12 semitones, Octave Shift: 4 octaves
Temperaments Temperament: Equal, Pure, Individual Volumes/Pitches, Reference Pitch: 430.0 – 450.3 Hz, Root Key: Automatically detected from keyboard input, lock function available
Metronome Tempo: 32 - 280 (for quarter notes), Tap tempo input function, Reference note selection: eighth note, quarter note, dotted quarter note, Tempo Memory: 8 memories, Volume control of each note type (by 5 sliders), Pattern selection (All, Alternate)
Rhythm Style 9 Rhythm Styles
Recording/Playback Microphone: Internal stereo microphone, or commercially available external microphone, Recording Time (max.) 80 minutes (approx. 0.9 GB) for each file, Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo), Time Shift Recording function: Yes
Sound Back Yes, Sound Back Time Setting (Short/Long)
Training 167 Songs
Other Settings Foot pedal function assignment (Volume, Hold, Start/Stop, Rec), Message display language (English, Japanese)
Wireless Bluetooth® Version: 4.2, Supported Profile: A2DP, Functions: Bluetooth Audio, MIDI over BLE, Wireless Output: Bluetooth Class 2, Maximum communication distance: about 10 m (without interference)
Verstärker 3.0 W × 3.0 W
Lautsprecher 12 cm (6 Ω) × 2
Connectivity DC IN DC IN 12 V jack
Foot Pedal Standard stereo phone jack, dedicated to the FC7
Output Standard mono phone jack × 2
MIC Mini stereo phone jack, plug-in power
Anschlüsse USB TO HOST terminal, TO DEVICE terminal
Power Supply AC Adaptor: For EU countries: PA-150B or an equivalent specified by Yamaha (Output: DC 12 V, 1.5 A), For other countries: PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha (Output: DC 12 V, 1.5 A), Batteries: Six “AA” size alkaline (LR6), or Ni-MH rechargeable (HR6) batteries (sold separately)
Auto Power Off Yes
Accessories Owner’s Manual (this manual), Use Guide, Warranty Information, Online Member Product Registration, *AC adaptor (* May not be included depending on your area. Check with your Yamaha dealer.)