YTR-6310Z Bb-Trompeten Nicht mehr im Verkauf

One day the jazz legend Bobby Shew came to us with an impossible dream. He wanted a “perfect” trumpet – one single horn that could play anything, from lead to ballade, from classical to jazz. We worked closely with him for many years, defining and designing his uncompromising vision, and finally turning it into form. Along the way, we had to develop some very innovative things, like the unique “step bore” design which is the heart of the Z. The Z is much more efficient than a conventional trumpet. It gives you more for your effort; more sizzle to scream lead, more power to really project, more control for those sweet mellow solos.

YTR-6310Z Nicht mehr im Verkauf

Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Gold lacquer

YTR-6310ZS Nicht mehr im Verkauf

Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Silver-plated

Die angezeigten Farben und Ausführungen können von den tatsächlichen Produkten abweichen.