Nuage Courseware

Nuage Courseware

This courseware will teach you how to produce audio for post-production, music, game sound and any other type of multimedia using the Nuage system and its components. It will take you through the process of setting up a system, recording various types of projects, editing those projects into a final form and then mixing the projects in preparation for delivery in the final format.

We will use real-world examples including lab material just for this course which can be interactively used with texts and tutorial videos. Hopefully you will find this experience rewarding and come out of it with a strong skill set that will allow you to pursue a career in audio production.

Tutorial Videos

Dolby Atmos® Mixing with Nuage

In this tutorial video series, Ashley will show you how to create audio mixes in Dolby Atmos with Nuage. Dolby Atmos is a surround technology that allows you to position sound sources, not only around your head but also above your head using two rows of ceiling speakers. Hundres of titles have been mixed in Dolby Atmos and they are are available both in theaters and at home.

NUAGE Tutorial Video

Welcome to the NUAGE Tutorial Video. This video guided by Ashley Shepherd describes an overview of entire NUAGE system and also its basic features and capabilities in detail. *English Subtitles and more subtitles available

Working with Pro Tools Video

Ashley shows you how to use a Nuage system with up to three different workstations running Nuendo, Cubase or Avid Pro Tools.


Dante ist eine Audionetzwerk-Technologie, die von Audinate entwickelt wurde. Dante-fähige Geräte im gleichen Netzwerk erkennen sich automatisch gegenseitig. Dadurch wird der Aufbau eines Systems deutlich einfacher, die Komplexität sinkt und die Gefahr für Fehler wird geringer. In diesem Sinne kann Dante als eine Plug-and-play-Netzwerktechnologie bezeichnet werden.

Dieser Leitfaden konzentriert sich auf den Aufbau des Netzwerks, nicht auf die grundsätzlichen Spezifikationen einzelner Produkte und des Dante-Netzwerks.